* Two Mistress Paige Video Clips!
Mistress Paige is one of the harshest Ladies on the Island, as you will see in clip 4 of the 'Red Booted She Devil' series. The slave is flat on his back, on the floor, as the Mistress sits on a chair above him. The slave has to lick Her dirty boot soles, then She fits him with a scary set of nipple clamps. She groups the clamp chain with his collar leash and pulls on the line to make him do sit ups, but things get really intense when while pulling him up with the nipple clamps, She starts pushing him backwards, with Her boots to his head. On the Island slaves accept discipline as part of their daily activities and in this clip you see first hand what that looks like. Also, Clip 4 in the 'Red Riding Latina' series added today, for you pony play fans!
* Sadistic Mistress Nyne Photos!
Today, We present another entire gallery in the 'Sadistic Mistress Nyne' series! She may be only 21 but this is one young hot beauty who knows what She wants in life... men at Her Feet begging for any attention She gives them, no matter how severe it might be. She grew up dominating men and you will see how it comes to Her so naturally. In this set Mistress has a slave removing Her leather Pussy plate... with his teeth. To motivate him She uses Her crop on his sorry Ass, then when he finally gets it removed She rubs it in his face so he can smell the essence of Her Holy Hole. The slave is then told to move in close to sniff Her bald Pussy. Ultimately, She turns around on the chair so he can give Her a nice Ass rimming!
* Two new Goddess Keeani 'Interview for an Asslicker' Video Clips!
We are now up to 24 clips in this series (the entire series and 500 clips in total are now playing in our members area). I hope you like your Mistresses naked and well exposed, and if you also like Her to be demanding, while rightfully expecting Her slave to give Her a proper deep Ass rimming, then this is the series for you. This set of clips opens with Keeani naked, facesitting the slave, pulling his head up into Her sweet Pussy. After a while She says, "No more Pussy eating, Ass eating time". It is so hot as Mistress parts Her Ass cheeks wide for the slave to devour. Keeani is so aroused and so verbal as She vigorously rubs Her smooth Pussy while using the slave for Her complete satisfaction. This slave wants to be chosen as Her official Asslicker.
* Another new Gallery and another new Video Clip!
Skid marks features stunning 5'10" Goddess Nadia, fresh from Cheerleading practice, she decides to have Her cool down, walking on Her slave... including his face. Those rubber soles can be pretty severe when She starts twisting on his face. Check out this gallery because you will also see the stiletto marks all over the slaves body from the trample She gave him the night before. It is heaven and hell, everyday, for this slave, living in the twisted World of Goddess Nadia. Also look for clip 22 in the Interview for an Asslicker series.
* A new Gallery and a new Video Clip!
First, we present a nice little Gallery, called Piss on it, featuring Mistress Elle. She has just finished sitting on Her slave, and giving him some severe discipline and now She needs to pee. She sits on the ledge of the tub, with Her slave kneeling in front of Her. Bring your nose close, slave, that is liquid gold! Also, we have added clip 3 in the Red Booted She Devil series. Latina Dominatrix Mistress Paige has Her slave on the floor while She sits in a comfortable chair. She makes him lick Her soles and suck the stiletto heels, berating him the entire time, telling him "open your fucking eyes" because he has missed a dirty spot on one of the boots.
* Goddess Keeani offers the job of a lifetime... as Her personal Asslicker!
Clips 20 and 21 in the now famous Interview for an Asslicker series have been added to our library, of 500 video clips, today! The scene opens with the Goddess spreading Her Ass cheeks, while facesitting, and the current 'applicant' licking Her Anus for all he is worth. Mistress strokes his rock hard cock to get him right over the edge. She stops but he is so excited he makes the mistake of rubbing himself. She slaps his cock, calling him names and telling him he can not cum. "I want to mistreat all cocks, I want them all hard in my presence, not allowed to cum and forced to lick My Ass", She adds with Her sweet but wicked voice. She is a nasty Girl and She knows men will do anything to please Her! See it all... NOW!
* Mistress Paige Video... Red Riding Latina III!
A recent addition to the Island, Mistress Paige has added a whole new dimension to the Dominatrix Island Queendom. She is very stern and enjoys nothing more than knowing Her slaves are in constant fear when in Her presence, even when She speaks in a calm, complimentary manner. In the Red Riding Latina series, She is breaking in Her slave with some all-four pony riding. She tells him She wants to ride for hours and hours and will soon being riding him outdoors, She has him rear, and bounce and tells him he is doing a good job... he knows disappointing Her would not be to his benefit!
* Gallery Nine (20 pics) added in the Ass sniffer Gallery, with Black Goddess Coco!
This photo series has swelled to 180 pics (all clip and photo series are in Our members area in their entirety) and after facesitting, smothering, and disciplining Her slave, not to mention all the time he has spent licking Her Ass, Lady Coco has now had Her slave crawl behind Her to the bathroom, his nose between Her Ass Cheeks all the way! Mistress has decided the slave isn't good enough to be used as Her toilet, so She uses the porcelain toilet to Pee and makes the slave watch. Eventually She lets the slave lick Her Asshole, once She is finished doing Her business. What a hot Ass, what a lucky slave!
* Two new clips today... updates in 'Interview for an Asslicker' and 'Eat My Ass'!
Yes, a common theme today, slaves licking Female Ass! First, Lady Coco in Eat My Ass 13. In this segment She has just got off Her slaves face and is now hanging Her Tits down in his face, while holding him in place with Her legs. He reaches with his tongue to suck Her nipples, but can't reach, until She eventually laughs at him and tells him he isn't good enough to suck Her Tits. She makes him stroke his cock and beg for release, then when he is ready to explode She makes him stop. The Island Ladies know exactly how to drive a slave crazy ensuring life long devotion and servitude. Meanwhile, in clip 19 of the Interview for an Asslicker series, Goddess Keeani has Her slave licking Her tight little Asshole for all he is worth. "Eat that shit up", She demands. She slaps his cock and is very verbal insuring the slave is aware of his lowly status as nothing but an Ass licker and play thing.
* First 20 Pics in the all New 'Under Foot' Gallery!
Cruel Latina Mistress Paige has Her slave where She likes him, on the floor, below Her Boots, in this new Gallery. She believes in both verbal and physical domination of men, as you will see in both this new gallery, and Her new clips, currently playing in our members area. Those heels are thin and sharp and it gets Her wet and aroused seeing him grimace as She uses them on his nipples, and face, and for pure humiliation She also makes him suck and lick Her boots.
* Two wicked Ass worship Video Clips today with Asian Keeani and Ebony Coco!
If you love facesitting and Ass worship, and you aren't ready to hit the ceiling after viewing these two clips, then I would suggest a trip to the Doctor, 'cause your 'thing' must be broken. Of course there are 500 other, original clips, to choose from once you are in Our members area, including the entire Interview for an Asslicker (clip 18 today) and Eat My Ass series, so you could spend the next 10 hours watching those in which case your cock would not only be raw, but you would have likely filled a bucket by that point. Okay... in Eat My Ass 12, Coco has just finished berating Her slave, telling him to lay on the bed. Completely naked, Mistress walks to the bed and you are sure to lust at Her beautiful body, and deadly Ass... don't worry, She knows the power of Her body and likes slaves that drool a lot. She makes Her slave stroke his cock while She tells him what a waste he is, pitiful and a little bitch. Her Tits hanging over his face, She teases him by saying, "slave, would you like to play with My boobs"? Poor worm, his cock is hard as a rock and he is ready to explode!
* Pics in the Love Her Ass Gallery and a Clip in the Interview for an Asslicker series!
The Interview for an Asslicker series has won rave reviews from our members, and clip 17 does not disappoint. Cute Asian Goddess Keeani is positioned on Her slaves face and we see him licking Her Pussy and playing with his cock, as the scene opens. Mistress is so aroused She doesn't see the slave rubbing himself but when She does, She screams at him, "Stop playing with your cock, you dirty, filthy, pervert, just lick My Pussy... now, back to My Asshole". As Her Ass is rimmed, Mistress rubs Herself, and the orgasmic pleasures improve Her mood to the point that She tells the slave She might pick him to be Her official Asslicker! 500 original Video Clips and thousands of Images are waiting for you now!
* Red Riding Latina II - Mistress Paige video action!
Mistress Paige has a great Latina Ass and solid legs as She demonstrates in this shoulder riding clip, Red Riding Latina - part 2. She looks so sexy in Her red lingerie, Her legs wrapped around Her slaves neck as She has him prance around the room testing him through acts of strength and endurance. She promises him that soon he will be out in the field, handling jumps, getting even stronger, then if he is a good pony She might lend him out to all Her other Dominant Girlfriends. We have a lot of great ponyboy pics and clips in the members area!
* New Gallery, Cruel Rider, starts today!
Mistress Kitty has Her spurs on and She is ready to ride! Today, We offer the first 20 pics in this new series called Cruel Rider. The slave is saddled and reined and the Mistress rides him hard, putting him through all sorts of routines, as he shows how incredibly smart he is... compared to other horses, that is! And of course those razor sharp spurs insure the 'horse' always performs up to Her standards! Sadistic Mistress Kitty truly is a cruel rider!
* Chop Chop Gallery Eight added today!
Mistress Ariel continues to torment Her slave with a huge array of tools and implements, including pliers, scissors, crops, straps, She even has a staple gun, in the expanding Chop Chop. This slave is shaking in his... er, skin, he is naked after all. Mistress loves having Her Ass rimmed by Her slave and She does, of course, but not before She gives him the treatment deserving of a lowly slave! There are now a total of 160 pics in this gallery.
* Two new clips - Eat My ass XI and Red Booted She Devil II!
Today's clips have a common theme, slaves being verbally berated and put in their place. In the continuation of the
Eat My ass series, we find a Beautiful Black Mistress, Lady Coco, naked, standing over Her pasty white slave boy telling him that he shouldn't expect to cum every month and that he has to work harder to please Her. She then sits full weight on his head, continuing to educate him with Her wisdom, while all he can do is lick Her Ass and hope She eventually lets him breath. Meanwhile, Mistress Paige (Red Booted She Devil), has Her slave on the ground, flat on his back, sucking Her boot heel. She tells him to grunt like a pig, then takes Her heel and pushes it into his nose... he not only sounds like a pig, but he looks like one too.
* We start a new Video Clip series today... Red Riding Latina!
Latina Mistress Paige has decided that Her slave should carry Her on his shoulders wherever She wants to go, concerts, the mall, anywhere. First, he needs some training, starting with mounting and dismounting. "Kiss My Ass", she tells him, pressing Her bubble Butt into his face. As any slave would do, on the Island, he eagerly kisses Her Ass cheeks, he's excited as a little boy on Christmas morning. She has the slave crawl between Her legs, and has him lift Her up. Down again, kiss more Ass, up again, a few 'spins' around the room. This slave loves feeling Mistress's legs wrapped around his legs, and who can blame the little bitch. Watch for frequent updates in the Red Riding Latina video series!
* Ass sniffer - Gallery VIII added today!
Gallery 8has been added today in this kinky Gallery, featuring Ebony Goddess, Lady Coco. The entire 160 pics provide a wonderful story that includes clothed and nude facesitting, shoe and foot worship, crop discipline, CBT, Ass kissing, rimming, and Pussy worship. In today's gallery Mistress goes to the bathroom to apply makeup and Her humiliated slave must crawl behind Her all the way and keep his nose between Her Ass cheeks, then lick Her Ass while She applies makeup. Not totally satisfied with his efforts She decides to pee, but not in his mouth, instead he has to kneel and watch as Her Golden nectar is wasted on a cold porcelain toilet. Also, look for corresponding Video Clip action... We now have 500 clips playing!
* Size 10 Trample - all New Gallery!
Some video clips and photo galleries take a lot of words to describe. This new gallery, Size 10 Trample, in which Goddess Nadia exposes Her succulent size 10 Feet and uses them to walk all over Her slave, isn't one of them! It's pretty straight forward, this slave loves the weight, and status, of his divine Goddess on him, whether She is in heels or barefoot and She is all to happy to coldly walk all over him, his discomfort of no concern to Her at all! We have a lot of trample pics and video clips in Our members area... well?
New Video - Interview for an Asslicker (part 16) and Eat My ass (part 10)!
We have received so much feedback on these two series, they simply are what every Ass licking slave has been looking for. Asian Goddess Keeani is trying to find a fulltime slave who's primary purpose in life will be to lick Her Asshole. She knows there are millions of men who would do anything for such at honor, so She is naturally cruel and verbally abusive in testing out Her latest candidate. In this segment (the entire Interview for an Asslicker series to date, is playing in our members area, and almost 500 clips in all), She sits on the slave and tells him to lick Her Ass nice and clean, then She proceeds to get Herself off while rubbing Her own Pussy and Tits. Also, another update in the Eat My ass video series, featuring Black Lady Coco, and it is every bit as stimulating... why not shoot your load NOW!
* Lady Coco in Eat My Ass (clip 9) video action!
Lady Coco is laying on Her side, totally naked, riding crop in hand, completely nonchalant, as Her slave eagerly licks at Her Anus in this new clip (Eat My Ass part 9). You can see that Coco is used to having male slaves licking Her Ass. Her quiet confidence is accented with some direct questions at the slave as She demands to know who's Asslicker he is? The slave tells Her he is Her Asslicker not stopping for even a second from his licking duties. Ummm, don't you wish that was your tongue doing that? Getting up from the bed, Mistress makes the slave crawl to the the chair, where he lays on the floor, with his head on the chair. Mistress is ready for some full weight facesitting where She can enjoy even deeper Ass worship!
* 'Red Booted She Devil' and 'Interview for an Asslicker' Video Clips!
A delighful new video series, 'Red Booted She Devil', starts today, and this will be of special interest to you dogs who like being on the ground attending to your Owners boots. The slave is flat on his back, collared, and obeying Mistress Paige's orders to lick Her boots. She sticks the heel in his mouth, telling him "to suck it like a cock" and also makes him lick the sole adding "I probably walked in dog shit or something today, so clean them right". Her boots are weapons and She uses them to amuse Herself, as you will see as this series grows and grows! Also, another segment (part 15) in the 'Interview for an Asslicker' series has been added today.
* Twenty new pics in Chop Chop Gallery!
Everyone with a submissive bone in their body adores Kinky Mistress Ariel... so sweet, so cruel, so kinky! Today, We add Gallery 7 of the 'Chop Chop' series. Mistress has a table covered with all sorts of implements, everything from dildo's, and straps, clothes pins, to pliers, and would you believe a staple gun!!! She has this poor slave shaking in his skin, and proceeds to torment and discipline him before sitting on his face and making him lick and worship Ass!
* New 24 Pic Gallery!
Ms. Velvet is at Her best as We launch an all new photo series today, with Gallery one of 'Face of Ass'! Mistress has Her slave on his knees and makes him sniff Her Ass, eventually remove Her panties, then bury his face between Her Ass Cheeks, to show it some good loving with his tongue. This Mistress has huge Tits and a nice plump Ass, and you will long to be so lucky as this slave. Watch for future updates, clips and pics, featuring Ms. Velvet!
* Two more clips in the Interview for an Asslicker series!
* "I'm the only one allowed to cum", Goddess Keeani tells Her slave as She sits on his face, him eagerly licking Her Ass. "I'll cum all over your fucking face, fill your face with My cum", She moans. Such a sadistic laugh, and hot moans of pleasure as Her sex slave attends to Her. She gets off pulling on his nipples and humiliating him, saying, "Keep eating My Asshole. Some nice close up action of the slave licking Ass, until he makes the mistake of moving to Her Pussy. Mistress is outraged and demeans him before reaching over and stroking his throbbing hard cock, reminding him, "keep licking My Ass, always lick My Ass". Clips 13 and 14, in this series, added today. The entire series, and almost 500 video clips, in total, now playing!
* We love office work - 20 more pics in Office Tool series!
Do a little work, chat with a Girlfriend, sit on your slaves face... all part of the daily grind here on Dominatrix Island! Today, We add another 20 pics in this growing Gallery, called 'Office Tool', that gives you an actual glimpse of the office where We update Our site and bring all of Our kinky activities to life for Our huge allegiance of fans. Wouldn't you love to be one of the working males in Our office? First step - JOIN! Step two - Beg!
* Goddess Keeani and Lady Coco Video Clips
Today, we continue with new clips in two long running series (all clips in our members area, 500 clips in total). First, Goddess Keeani in clip 12 of the 'Interview for an Asslicker' series and then Lady Coco in clip 8 of the 'Eat My ass' series. We open with Keeani reaching orgasm as She finger fucks Herself, while you see Her slave, below Her Ass, frantically licking Her Ass and Pussy at the same time. "Keeani, the Princess, needs Her Ass licked all the time... nonstop", She tells him. She is so aroused, She slaps his cock, then strokes it until he is ready to explode, only to slap it some more She treats him so badly and he is so turned on, a devoted slave for life! Meanwhile, Coco looks absolutely regal laying on Her side, switch in hand, watching as Her slave licks Her Asshole, in clip 8 of the 'Eat My Ass' series. She asks him "do you like it"? Of course he tells Her that he does. Some real nice close ups in this clip of the slave licking Pussy and Ass. Coco is demanding and bitchy as usual.
* Uncle Ernie Gallery Five!
Lil' Psycho never knew skipping out of Her College class would be the best decision of Her life. She got home early and found Uncle Ernie sniffing Her dirty underpanties. She could tell Mom (Ernie's sister) or, hmmmm, yes, blackmail is so much more fun, and what Girl doesn't want Her own personal slave and whipping boy? She rides him like a pony, uses him as a chair, makes him kiss Her Ass and even suck on the very panties he was sniffing. Wow, Uncle Ernie is, ummm, well, fucked! Gallery Five added today!
* New Clip and a new Gallery!
Stiletto's on, Mistress Kitty is ready for Her man... ready to walk on him that is. Today, We add Gallery Three is the 'Kitty Trample' series. Mistress has first humiliated the slave by making him kiss Her Ass, then lick the dirt off Her shoes. Now She is taking those sharp heels and walking on him... his back, his legs, stomach, chest, pretty much everywhere. She does stop to inspect Her work, then walks some more! Also, clip 11 in the 'Interview for an Asslicker' series has also been included in Our update. While the slave licks Her Ass, Keeani rubs Her Pussy, getting totally turned on in the process. She calls him names, orders him to stroke his cock, then slaps it and berates him for touching himself. Sweet!
* New Clip and a new Gallery!
The cruel and kinky Asian Goddess Keeani continues Her slave torment today, in clip 10 of the 'Interview for an Asslicker' series. What a snobby little Bitch She is as She makes the slave lick Her Ass, then Her Pussy, belittling him the entire time (calling him a fucking pervert and telling him to clean Her Ass), slapping his cock, then stroking it until he is ready to explode, only to deny him release. Also, an exciting new gallery 'Pisshead' has been added today!
* In the Bedroom Gallery Two!
What a thrill for the slave, to be used as an object for his naked, beautiful, Mistress, then to feel Her flesh on his face, the ecstasy of being allowed to use his tongue to probe Her Divine Goddess Holes! They don't come any nastier than the dirty little Dominatrix, Mistress Ariel, as you will see today in Gallery 2 of the 'In the Bedroom' series. She loves having Her slave worship Her body, but She gets even more delight making him pay for it... She does adore 'playing' with his cock and balls and smothering him. Such a Divine Mistress!
* Interview for an Asslicker 9 (video clip) added today
The Interview for an Asslicker series is so hot that We decided to do a test with the Island slaves and a few of Our Girlfriends slaves, 10 men in all, kneeling them in front of the screen to view the entire series, and without exception every slave was hard as a rock and dripping pre-cum within minutes, and that was without touching themselves. Nasty Asian Mistress Keeani, is somewhat psycho and what can be more exciting for a slave than a half-crazed Women who could do anything at any second? In Clip 9 Keeani tells Her slave, who is under Her, to get his tongue deeper in Her Ass, then starts slapping his cock and telling him that all cocks are nasty and disgusting, reinforcing his position by telling him how pathetic he is, laughing one second, incensed the next. Isn't this the sort of stuff you have been looking for?
* CBT Facesitter (new 20 pic gallery)!
* Mistress Paige is built like a brick shit house. Sitting on a slave denying him of air while having Her Ass rimmed is always a thrill... and it's even more fun while inflicting 'loving' discipline on the slaves nipples, cock and balls! Mistress Paige is new to the Island but not new to the lifestyle. She has been around the world and makes slaves tremble in Her presence... We like that, and so will you. See Her first gallery, CBT Facesitter, NOW!
* Three all new Video Clips featuring Goddess Keeani, Lady Coco and Lady Nadia!
* It's a multi-national sort of day as We present Goddess Keeani (Asian), Lady Coco (Black) and Lady Nadia (White). Almost 500 clips now playing and waiting for you in our members area. In 'Interview for an Asslicker 8' Keeani is sitting on Her slaves face as She demands that he get his tongue in Her Asshole... "Now", She commands telling him to "clean that fucking Asshole good". When the slave gasps for air, Mistress is incensed but laughs hysterically as She slaps his cock and tugs on his nipples. Meanwhile, Lady Coco is found sitting full weight on her slave in Eat My ass 7, Her magnificent Ass facing the camera. She gets up and lays on the bed telling Her slave She is tired. "Get to work", She tells him and the slave crawls behind Her and starts licking Her Asshole. Also, more Lady Nadia pony play in Daily Ride 8
* Sixty (60) new Pics and a Video Clip
We have just added the first 20 pics in the new 'In the bedroom' Gallery. The Dominatrix Island Women enjoy spending time in bed with men, just like any other Woman... okay, it is not exactly the same, as Kinky Mistress Ariel demonstrates. She starts by having a slave bring his mouth to Hers... close enough that She can release, with Her teeth, a clothespin onto his tongue. By the time this little 'love in' is done, Mistress will have had Her Ass properly licked, and the slave will have had special attention paid to his body... his nipples, his balls, his cock... you know what I'm talking about. If you are an Ass licking, masochist, I think you will enjoy these pics. Also, updates in the 'Sex slave' Gallery (gallery 3) and the 'Love Her Ass' Gallery (gallery 8), as well as another Goddess Keeani video Interview for an Asslicker 7.
* Goddess Ambrosia Lick it Good Clip and more Stool bound Asslicking Pics!
What a magnificent Ass Goddess Ambrosia has. Today we add clip 40, the last, in the Lick it Good series (the entire series and almost 500 clips in total are in the members area). This is an incredible point-of-view clip with the screen being dominated by Ambrosia's full Ass and Pussy. She is calling out to you, telling you to get your tongue up Her Ass, to get it deep, telling you if you do a good job She will let you do it some more. "I know you want it slave", She says as She reaches back and spreads Her Ass cheeks wide. So close you will feel like you could bend over and stick your tongue up Her asshole. Also a new
Stool bound gallery.
We never remove content, We just keep growing!
* Wicked, young, and beautiful, Mistress Nyne ties him to a stool to eat Her Ass
* Today, we present the first 20 pics in an all new gallery... Stool Tool
. What a wicked idea, as Mistress Nyne decides to relax with a cup of coffee and a magazine. And, what better way to relax than to have a slave tied to the stool and licking Your Ass at the same time. We make sure to give you some of those birds eye views We are famous for around here, because I know you wish that was your tongue deep up Mistress Nyne's Bum Hole. Get Ass NOW!
* Two more Video clips - almost 500 original clips now playing!
Goddess Keeani is interviewing slaves for an important position... licking Her Ass. Today, We present clip 6 in this hot facesitting, smothering, Ass worship series, Interview for an Asslicker. Of course you can see the entire series in our members area right now, along with almost 500 other original Island video clips. We don't buy this shit... We make it ourselves, real Dominant Women, and real wimp male slaves. They'll do anything to please Us! Also, Lady Nadia is back at, as She does some severe barefoot trampling with Her sexy size 10 Feet in Barefoot Trample 4. Let's talk Woman to man here, shall W/we... for as little as 33 cents a day you can stop the endless surfing for the crappy free stuff and find the FemDom Utopia you have always dreamed of... there is only one Dominatrix Island!
* Sex slave - Gallery Two featuring Dirty Mistress Ariel
* Mistress Ariel has made a slave kneel in front of Her while She fucks Herself with a big purple dildo. After a few orgasms She decides that there is no need for Her to do all the work. She calls slave and sticks the dildo in his mouth. It is now his job to slide the dildo in and out of Her sweet wet Pussy, so She can enjoy orgasm after orgasm. Such is the life of a sex slave
! To further humor Herself, Mistress makes the slave rub his dick... but no release for him.
* Coco, Nadia and Keeani, all today - two new Clips and a 20 pic Gallery!
Today, photo updates in the Lady Coco Ass Goddess Gallery (gallery 10) as well as video clip updates in both the Goddess Keeani Interview for an Asslicker series (clip 5) and Lady Nadia Barefoot Trample series (clip 3). If you long to be verbally humiliated by a beautiful Woman and forced to eat out Her Ass, I guarantee you will love today's Keeani clip. Her high voice makes Her sound like a spoiled little brat as She tells Her slave to suck Her Ass good. "Don't fuck up on My ass", She says turning around and pulling his nipples and slapping him. "Lick My Asshole", She demands then asks him "Do you like licking My Asshole?" Ummm, and what a birds eye view of Her Asshole... HOT!
* Lady Coco - Ass Goddess Gallery Nine
* We're closing in on 200 pics in the
Ass Goddess gallery, with today's update. Lady Coco might have the finest facesitting Ass in the world. Who wouldn't, willingly, surrender under Her Bubble Butt... especially knowing if you please Her you will be allowed to lick Her Pussy and/or Ass. This is a graphic gallery with full nudity, discipline, facesitting, Pussy worship and deep tongue Ass worship. Oh, We have lots of Coco video clips, too!
* Two hot and kinky FemDom Video Clips - actual Island footage!
Today, We start with clip six in the Eat My ass series, featuring Lady Coco. There can not be a facesitting fan alive that doesn't get off on this clip, especially if you enjoy threats of full toilet servitude. Lady Coco tells Her slave, "from now on you are my toilet paper", and the rest... well, it is just to nasty to print here on the free side. The view is even hotter, as Coco positions Her Ass above the slave and makes him beg to lick Her Asshole. "It's smother time", She tells him sitting on his face with Her full weight. It doesn't get any better than this. Also, Clip Six in the Interview for an Asslicker series, with Goddess Keeani. Almost 500 clips playing!
* Two Lady Nadia Trample Clips
Lady Nadia stars in an all new clip series called Barefoot Trample, and today We present clips one and two in the series. Beautiful Nadia walks all over Her slave, including his face, as She has no concern for him. She sadistically tramples him and laughs at his pain and discomfort. If you have ever imagined a tall, beautiful Women walking all over you, you are going to love this series.
* More Keeani and Coco today
* More Keeani and Coco today! First, Ass slave Gallery Nine featuring sexy Asian Dominatrix Keeani. The entire 167 photo series is now waiting for you to see. You can read below for further details on this series but the culmination today shows the slave enjoying some deep tongue probing of his Mistress's Asshole while She sits on his face. Also, another video clip today, Eat My Ass 5, with kinky Ebony Goddess Lady Coco.
* Another Video Clip, another Photo Gallery
Gallery Eight (20 pics) in Lady Coco Ass Goddess has been added, today. The pics are hot and so is the story line. Lady Coco has teased and tormented, humiliated, and disciplined Her slave... however, She has not had Her Ass licked enough and now She wants more. However, if the slave wants to taste and lick Her, he is going to have to earn it. Crop in hand, Mistress punishes the slave until he earns a taste. Also today, Interview for an Asslicker III featuring Goddess Keeani. Our Mistresses are all so kinky and cruel... just the way you like it!
* A complete new Gallery in the Love Her Ass series
What a magnificent Ass Mistress Elle has. Don't you just long for some? Today, Gallery 7 (another 20 pics) in this exciting series. Mistress facesits and smothers Her slave, dishes up some solid discipline, going through an array of implements, with a special focus on the slaves cock and balls, and gets totally off as the slave is forced to deep tongue Her Asshole. We have hundreds of pics and video clips of beautiful Mistress Elle waiting for you right now.
* Two V-E-R-Y Hot Video Clips added today
Do you believe, as a submissive, that you should be thrilled to be allowed to kiss your Mistress's Ass... and in fact you should be prepared to be humiliated and disciplined to earn such a reward? Good, I thought so... that means you will love Our two newest Video Clips... Eat My ass IV, featuring, Ebony Goddess, Lady Coco and Interview for an Asslicker II with Asian Goddess Keeani. Remember all clips in these series and many more (almost 500 original clips now playing) are just seconds away in Our exclusive members area. We are all Women owned and operated.
* A new Clip and a New Gallery today
Well, it's just another fine day on the Island, they all are, really. After all it is Women running this place. I mean, even through the tears I know the slaves are happy and content. That could not be more evident than in today's juicy updates. Gallery 8 of 'Ass slave', featuring Asian beauty, Goddess Keeani, has been added. Pull 'it' out because this gallery has swollen to 160 large, high resolution pics, and it is bound to get you all swelled up as well. What a nasty Mistress, She knows these slaves want to be facesat and smothered under Her Ass and She makes them pay for the reward of being able to worship it. What a sadistic, and kinky, little bitch She is! Also, look for Clip Three in the 'Eat My Ass' series featuring Ebony Goddess, Lady Coco! We have almost 500 original clips now playing in Our members area.
* Another Mistress Nine Gallery!
Mistress Nyne celebrates Her 21st Birthday by dominating a slave. In this 20 pic gallery, the slave is laying on the floor at Mistress's Feet, where She uses Her stiletto's to torture his nipples... while he is down there he may as well lick Her boots as well, and he does. Mistress wants Her Pussy and Ass licked, so soon slave is on his knees, removing Her leather body piece... with his teeth. This young and kinky Mistress is new to the Island and you are bound to love Her as much as all the Women in Our kinky world.
* Two new Video Clips - Freshly cut sausage and Lick it Good 39
A trembling slave kneels on the floor in front of Mistress Ariel, in the video Freshly cut sausage, as She waves a sharp knife in his face and tells him it is time to cut off his cock and balls. She males him lick the blade to see how sharp it is, then She brings it to his cock, and asks him if he wants to be a eunuch! She presses the knife aginst his balls and tells him they are useless anyway. Despite his fear the slave is as hard as a rock... betrayed by his very own penis! Also, another facesitting clip featuring Goddess Ambrosia... some of the hottest facesitting/Ass smothering you will ever see!
* All new Video Clips and Photo Galleries!
This being the Christmas season, we are involved in parties almost everyday... no, not normal parties, weird and twisted gatherings, but parties none the less. I will continue to update the members area, 4 or 5 times weekly, now and through Christmas, and into the New Year, just as I always do, however, for the next while I may not be updating this page as frequently!

To give you an idea, in the members area, I have added new pics and clips in existing series featuring Mistress Ariel (twisted SM play, facesitting and Ass worship), Goddess Ambrosia (full weight facesitting and smothering), and Lady Nadia (pony play, Foot worship), plus We have three entirely new series with Asian Goddess Keeani (interviewing slaves for worshipping Her ass), Ebony Lady Coco (who wants Her Ass eaten), and the dirty Mistress... Mistress Ariel (and the fun She has with Her own sex slave). Almost 500 original clips and thousands and thousands of photos, not to mention all the written details on Our world. Why not give yourself the ultimate Xmas gift... a one way ticket to Dominatrix Island!
* Love Her Ass - Gallery 6!
This is a rapidly growing series (120 pics) featuring the beautiful Mistress Elle. There is a lot of boot and Ass worship, not to mention full weight facesitting, and tease and denial, but Mistress Elle keeps it exciting by demonstrating Her sadistic side the entire time. She has floggers, clamps, and a special roller covered with 4" nails, used to roll over the slaves body... or should we say cock and balls! She loves having Her Ass and Pussy licked and She makes sure the slave satisfies Her sexually even as She inflicts pain. See everything HERE!
* Three new Video Clips - Lick it Good 34 & 35 and Daily Ride 6!
This is our longest playing series in our library of almost 500 clips. Ambrosia is a hot blond, with the biggest bubble butt... and does She ever love to use it to smother slaves into submission. Clip 34 opens with Ambrosia's Ass filling the entire screen. She parts Her cheeks and you see Her slave beneath Her attending to Her Asshole with his tongue. She plops down on his face and demands that he please Her. She tells him "keep stroking your cock", as She has been tormenting him through out the entire scene, enjoying Her own orgasms while denying him his. Suddenly, She relents and decides to let him cum... wonder if he'll have to lick it up? All 35 clips in the series now playing, with more still to cum! Also Daily Ride 6!
* Cruel Amazon Rider Video Clip!
Clip 16 in the Cruel Amazon Rider series has been added today. Outdoor pony play, with some of the nastiest spurs you are ever going to see. Every clip in this series is now playing in our members area, along with almost 500 other original clips. Mistress Fire has put the slave through some severe riding (shoulder, all fours, donkey) and now has him crawl up a hill, where She is resting, so he can lick Her sweaty Pussy and Ass. She laughs at Her slave and tells him, "I think I could spend the entire summer doing this". Dominatrix Island Women are so twisted!
* Ass sniffer Gallery Seven (20 pics) added today and a new clip!
Smothering a slave can really exhaust the poor creature... to bad, if you want to be an Ass licker you keep your nose in Her Ass when you have the opportunity! She needs to go to the bathroom, you keep up! There are now a total of 140 pics in this awesome Lady Coco Gallery. If facesitting and Ass worship, along with some discipline, turn you on then you will not want to miss all the pics and video clips we now have featuring the one and only Lady Coco. Also, another Amazon Rider video clip! Your ticket to the Island is just a click away!
* 'Lick it Good' and 'Total Foot Domination' clips and an Island adventure story!
We have Feet domination, and Ass worship clips, today, along with a twisted tale. Lady Nadia is one of the most beautiful women in the world, and very sadistic. Her beautiful size 10 feet look good stuffed down a slaves throat, or kicking his cock. Masochists, Her beauty, spoken word and actions will drive you crazy with submissive arousal. If that isn't enough, clip 33 in the Goddess Ambrosia 'Lick it Good' series has also been added today, and you will love the strapon story as one man finds himself alone in a room with several Island Dommes who take his virgin ass cherry, not to mention his manly pride.
* Ass sniffer Gallery update (20 pics) and a new Video Clip!
Smothering, laughing as he fights for air, hurting him, keeping him aroused, making him insane with lust for a taste of his Superiors Pussy and Ass... that's what it's all about in today's update as We find Ebony Goddess Lady Coco facesitting and smothering Her slave. A slave can be distracted from the reality that he has gone some time without a breath of air if the Mistress works over his cock and balls, as does Coco to perfection. A gentle massage and then some severe pulling and twisting, poor slave he doesn't know what's coming next... the entire time She had better be feeling the pleasure of a tongue up Her Ass... or else! Gallery Six added today. Plus, an exceptional video clip 'Heels of Pain III' featuring Lady Nadia.
* Ass slave Gallery VI with Mistress Keeani (another 20 pics)!
Keeani is living proof that if you take a young Women, one that has never even had a thought of Domination or submission, and introduce Her to the FemDom lifestyle, you can create a true lifestyle Mistress in short order. Mistress Keeani loves Her new found power and Her new life on Dominatrix Island. Like all Our Ladies She loves to discipline and humiliate slaves, but particularly likes to use them to pleasure Her sexually. Mistress Keeani has decided to audition slaves for the role of Her own personal Ass slave... only the best slave will earn the honor of having his nose and tongue up Her Ass everywhere She goes... today, Gallery Six (20 pics).
* Seven new clips, and two new galleries!
Things have been extremely busy on the Island, and all the more reason for you to join our exclusive members area... isn't it time you see what all the fuss is about? Currently, We have almost 500 exclusive Island video clips playing along with thousands and thousands of photos. If you have ever imagined being a disciplined, sex slave, then the Island is your dream destination. Recent updates include photos and video clips featuring Goddess Ambrosia (ass worship and facesitting), Mistress Fire (6' cruel spur rider), Lady Coco (Ass worship) and Lady Nadia (Foot domination and cheerleader shoulder riding). Your ticket is waiting!
* Hot Coco anyone? Lady Coco pics and a clip too!
We keep hearing "more Coco P-L-E-A-S-E", and today we deliver in a BIG way. First, another 20 pics in the 'Ass sniffer' Gallery, plus clip 23 in the 'Worship Beautiful Black Ass' series. All featuring Lady Coco. In the gallery, lady Coco has tormented and harassed her slave, and now is nude facesitting and smothering him. Naturally, he is all to eager to get his tongue deep up Her Hole. All 23 Ass sniffer clips (over 450 in total in the members area) are now playing. Clip 23 shows the Mistress laying on the bed finger fucking Herself while Her slave has to kneel on the floor and massage and suck Her toes. It's so hot as She squirms and moans to orgasm. Will She let him lick Her fingers clean?
* Lil Psycho and Uncle Ernie Gallery update and Cheerleader shoulder ride Clip!
When Uncle Ernie gets caught sniffing his nieces panties, he quickly discovers why they call Her Lil' Psycho! She tells him he will do whatever She wants, from now on, or She will tattle on him to his sister (Her Mom). It takes a while but he eventually gets the point and has to face the embarrassment of licking Her shoes, sucking on Her panties, giving Her a pony ride and much more. Gallery Four today! Speaking of young and beautiful, We also have a new clip (Cheerleader shoulder ride) featuring sexy Lady Nadia as She puts Her slave through a physical shoulder riding test... She takes him in the back yard and makes him climb the steps, up and down, again and again and again. She tells him She will ride him as long as She likes and makes sure to kick his ass and legs to keep him moving to exhaustion.
* Lick it Good Video Clips 29 and 30 with Goddess Ambrosia!
There are almost 500 video clips currently playing in our members area and if you happen to love a full figured Ass on your face, the Mistress demanding oral servitude, then this series will drive you crazy. I can't imagine how many times you might cum attempting to watch all 30 of these? These newest clips find the slave fitted with a special chin dildo, called the accomodater, developed so the Mistress can penetrate Her pussy while the slave licks Her Ass. Mistress is ready to have an orgasm while She berates the slave and tells him to lick Her Ass, and if he is really good he might be able to cum on Her Tits or Ass and ...
* Mistress Nyne settles into Island life!
We were at a party and I met this really cute 21 year old Babe! She told Me Her name was Nyne but as She licked on My Pussy I couldn't help but think that maybe Her name should actually be Sixty-Nyne. When I saw, also, how comfortable She was at treating the slaves poorly, I couldn't help but invite Her to the Island. We now spend almost every night fucking and sucking, but fortunately for the slaves She always has time to 'spend' with them. She likes Her slaves, naked, on a leash, on the floor, maybe licking Her boots clean or just taking the lash of Her cane. If She gets horny enough She might let the slave worship Her with his tongue. You are going to love this kinky bitch and We will have tons of pics, and lots of video clips, of Her, over the next weeks and months, starting today! Also, another Heels of Pain Video Clip and another update in the Coco Ass Goddess Gallery!
* Heels of Pain Video clip!
Lady Nadia, so tall and beautiful... where on earth does that incredible mean streak come from? I mean, after all, who can walk on a slaves cock and balls, nipples, and, yikes, face... with stiletto's on Her Feet and laugh while doing so? Yes, the incomparable Lady Nadia. How slaves long to be in Her presence, how they quake as they realize the price they have to pay for being there. Today, we present the first clip in a new series called Heels of Pain. Why suffer... see all the thrills of Dominatrix Island, for yourself!
* Ass Goddess Gallery update!
There is that special moment in every slaves life/day when he realizes the Mistress is prepared to remove all of Her clothing and perhaps, if he pleases Her, allow him to worship Her body. Sex deprived, frequently disciplined, and devoted slave, why, he would do anything to please Her just to be allowed the glory of Her body. Naturally, the Mistress knows this and takes advantage of the slaves fragile state. Today, in Gallery Six of the
Ass Goddess Gallery, featuring Lady Coco, slave slimeball has been ordered to undress the Mistress with his teeth, and to make sure it is done properly she has and makes use of Her crop. Is that the look of love or lust in the slaves eyes? See the wonders of Dominatrix Island now!
* Chop Chop Gallery Update!
Dirty little Mistress Ariel has pulled out all the tools... and We do mean tools! It's fun to play with whips, and crops, and clothes pins and all the obvious things but sometimes it's fun to dig into the real tool box... for pliers, hammers, knives, and... well, you get the idea. Today, another 20 pics in this rapidly growing gallery. Mistress uses the pliers to 'direct' Her slave as he licks every inch of Her stiletto's, before facesitting him with Her hot little Ass!
* Lil' Psycho dominates Uncle Ernie and a new Video Clip!
She was totally shocked when She found Her uncle ernie in Her bedroom sniffing Her worn panties. Her first thought was to go to Her Mom (uncle's sister) and tell Her but then She got a better idea... Blackmail! "Do whatever I say or I'll tell", She threatened him, and while he resisted at first, ultimately he knew he had no choice but to be Her slave. Currently, We find Lil' Psycho and uncle in the backyard where She has decided to make him Her human pony. She slaps him, pulls his hair, makes him lick Her shoes, and even stuffs Her panties in his mouth. She may be young but She is a controlling little bitch and in control.
* Pain and Glory Gallery update!
Another 20 pics have been added in this Goddess Nadia trampling Gallery. Imagine being below your Mistress's Feet for a few hours as She literally gets wet from stepping on your face. That's the predicament this slave finds himself in. It's not just his face, however, that gets the special treatment from Her six inch stiletto's... NO, She makes sure to step on his nipples, cock and balls and most of the rest of his body. Trample fans will love this!
* Worship Beautiful Black Ass!
Clip 21 of the series has been added today (entire series in the members area). Naked, Lady Coco sits side saddle on Her slaves face, flogger in hand, making the slave fight for air. She slides off eventually and has the slave tell Her how much he adores Her and being owned by Her. Mistress looks fabulous fully naked looking down on the worthless slave. "Get on the floor and worship My Feet", She tells him. Obediently the slave gets on the floor and starts making love to Her Feet with his mouth.
* Goddess Ambrosia Video Clips!
What a magnificent Ass Goddess Ambrosia has and Wow does She know how to use it. Today we add clips 27 and 28 in this long running series (the entire series and almost 500 clips in total are in the members area) called Lick it Good. Mistress is sitting on the slaves head, facing towards him, so he can see Her big tits and Pussy above him. She literally crushes his face as She demands that he lick Her. The slave kicks for air but She only laughs at his situation. Telling him his cock is useless, She attaches the accommodater to his chin so She can ride it to orgasm. She tells him he can lick Her Ass while She gets off on the rubber cock.
* Ass sniffer Gallery Three (20 pics), and new clip added today!
Gallery three in the Ass sniffer series, with Lady Coco, added today. Series includes facesitting, Ass and Pussy worship, butt sniffing, discipline, and more! Imagine a beautiful black Goddess, with a perfect Ass, who knows exactly how to use it to control men... now Imagine Lady Coco! Meanwhile, the newest clip (Lick it Good 26), featuring Goddess Ambrosia, is an Ass/facesitter lovers dream cum true. Mistress sits forward and backwards on Her sex slave, smothering him then making him lick Her Pussy and Ass. Her plump Ass, shaved Pussy and demanding presence will turn you on until... did someone mention cum?
* Chop Chop Gallery Three (20 pics) and more Worship Black Ass video action!
Ever imagined yourself naked in front of a Mistress, She has your cock in one hand and a knife in the other? Pliers, axes, clothes pins, why there are no shortage of household items a Mistress can use to 'tease' Her slave and Mistress Ariel has all of them within reach in this interesting pic series we call
Chop Chop. Is it just me or does he look a bit nervous? LOL! Also, clip 20 in the Worship Beautiful Black Ass video series. Lady Coco demands serious worship of Her Ass and has Her own unique and kinky way of getting whatever it is She wants.
* Ass sniffer Gallery Pics (20) added today!
What a fabulous Ass Lady Coco has. When a slave looks up and sees Her fine lines and incredible body, he is literally putty in Her hands. Mistress enjoys humiliating Her slave by making him crawl behind Her, every step She takes, with his nose up Her Ass. It gets Her nipples so hard and Her Pussy so gooey wet, but the slave can not resist the teasing and discipline he is subjected to... he just wants to sniff and lick Her Ass. Gallery two, in the series, added today. Series includes facesitting, deep Ass worship, Pussy worship, butt sniffing, discipline, and more! Want some?
* Lady Nadia, Lady Coco and Goddess Ambrosia Video Clips!
We have three separate video clip series in full stride, featuring three hot, dominant, nasty, Women. We currently have almost 500 original, high quality, clips now playing in our members area. Kinky Lady CoCo continues to insist on proper Ass worship from Her slave in '
Worship Beautiful Black Ass' clips 18 and 19, while beautiful Lady Nadia has a slave lusting for Her exquisite Feet in Total Foot Domination clip 6. Not to overlook Goddess Ambrosia in clip 25 of the Lick it Good series. It's FemDom at its finest... ready?
* Four new Video Clips and Two new Galleries!
We've been busy... a lot of action on the Island the last few days as We have been partying, playing and shooting. Updates continue unabated in the members area with two new galleries (40 pics) and another four new Video Clips. What's your fancy? A full assed beautiful blond that likes to facesit and smother, or maybe an Ebony Goddess who likes to torment, tease and discipline, well Her Ass is licked, or how about some kinky Foot domination? Well, We have all of it, to go along with all the other great stuff detailed below.
* All New Dirty Little Mistress (Ariel) Pics and Clips!
The dirty little Mistress is back with all new photos and video clips! The parade of Mistress Ariel content starts today with 20 Pics in the 'Chop-Chop' Gallery. Even the most trustworthy of slaves has to grimace when the Mistress pulls his dick and presses a huge knife against it. Not that force is required but this slave is going to lick Ass and pleasure the Mistress absolutely anyway She fits. Talk about an arsenal of toys and equipment to keep this lowly slave in line. Our members rave about Mistress Ariel and you will do. See it all NOW!
* Three more Video Clips added today!
More 'Lick it Good' action today! This slave has been smothered relentlessly by Goddess Ambrosia, fighting for air, begging Her to stop when he does get a short breath. She is a Dominatrix Island Mistress, thus his pleading only makes Her smother harder. She leans forward teasing him (and you) with Her Pussy and Asshole before humping his face with Her Ass and smothering him even more. Also, more 'Worship Beautiful Black Ass' action, as CoCo lets Her slave rub himself... but this is only tease and denial, no release for him, plus, another Total Foot Domination clip with gorgeous Lady Nadia..
* Total Foot domination and Facesitting and Ass worship Videos today!
The thrill of a beautiful Mistress with a wide Ass will take any slaves breath away... and that is what happens in the 'Lick it Good' series. You will witness some intense facesitting and Ass worship as Goddess Ambrosia gets Her slave kicking wildly for air... will She let him breath or is it really lights out? This new clip is number 21 in the series and at this point the slave is completely spent and begging the Mistress to stop. NOT! The entire clip series can be found in our members area. Also, clip three in the Total Foot Domination series... beautiful Nadia really rams Her Feet down the slave mouth, and makes him lick Her entire sole!
* Ass slave - Gallery Five added today!
Goddess Keeani is interviewing slaves to determine which one is worthy of following Her around with his nose up Her Ass. Today, another 20 photos are added in the '
Ass slave' series, bringing the gallery up to 100 pics. Earning the honor of 'ass slave' takes some doing so Keeani has no problem taking Her boots to Her slaves cock and balls, making him crawl on the floor like a dog, and even make him undress Her... with his teeth. These slaves want 'Ass' and they will do almost anything to earn the reward of Her sweet, puckered, Hole!
* Over 400 original Video Clips now playing!
Another two clips are added today! In clip two of the Total Foot Domination series, Lady Nadia continues to show Her contempt for the worthless male creature below Her, telling him he had better have done a good job cleaning and insisting that he always please Her. The slave is placed on his back and Mistress rubs Her Feet over his face and chest, even pulling his nipples with Her toes, before sticking both feet in his mouth... even some Feet smothering. Clip 16 has also been added in the 'Worship Beautiful Black Ass' series. CoCo's slave gets his tongue deep up Her Ass. The entire clip series is waiting for you right NOW!
* Two new Video Clips including all new series!
Today, the first clip in a new v
ideo series called 'Total Foot Domination', featuring the incomparable Lady Nadia. We open with Her sitting regally in a chair, crop in hand, Her slave crawling to Her on demand. She asks him if he has finished dishes and licking Her panties clean. Naturally he has! She gets him on his back and plants Her Feet in his face, then eventually fills his mouth with them, while using the crop on him... of course. What divine Feet and what a demanding, cruel, and beautiful Bitch She is. Also, more of Goddess Ambrosia as the 'Lick it Good' series continues with clip 19. Over 400 clips in the members area.
* New Gallery (20 pics), Ass sniffer, starts today!
Lady CoCo is just relaxing when the urge hits Her... it's time to verbally humiliate a slave, tease him with Her Ass, and make him beg to sniff Her Ass. If he is good, and She is generous, those bright blue hot pants, and panties, will come off (he as to remove them with his teeth), and not only will he have the thrill of being smothered by Her Ass, but She will find out just how good he is at deep Ass rimming. Fortunately for you, the Island slaves are always very eager to please. A new clip series starts tomorrow and more Ambrosia clips as well!
* Two new Video Clips!
Clip additions in two series, today, including
'Worship Beautiful Black Ass' (clip 15) and 'Cruel Amazon Rider' (clip 14). Have you ever imagined being owned by a beautiful, young, sadistic, and kinky Black Mistress, who loves having Her Ass licked? Of course you have and no man can resist the incredible Lady CoCo. In this clip, She is disgusted with Her slaves worthless attempt at massaging Her Feet... she decides he is better suited to lick Her Ass. Hot! Also, watch 6' Mistress Fire, and Her razor sharp spurs, as She rides Her slave, in the country, on all fours. After an exhausting ride, She lays in the meadow and calls him over between Her legs, where She teases him with Her sweaty Pussy... first he has to eat a dandelion.
* Two new 'Worship Beautiful Black Ass' video clips and 20 new Pics!
Today, another 20 pics in the 'Color My World' Gallery. If you like red tones, as in underwear and pussy, and facesitting too, for that matter, then you will love watching Mistress Elle and Her slaves in action. Also, look for continued action in the 'Worship Beautiful Black Ass' series, as we offer another two clips today. Lady CoCo is laying naked, on Her side, on the bed, while the slave uses his tongue on Her Bum Hole. "Tell Me how it tastes?", She asks him. What an interesting response. Mistress tells Her slave that he is bad and worthless before laying flat on Her back and telling him to worship Her Feet... what a body!
* Two new clips and a 20 photo Gallery update!
18 clips are currently playing (members area) in the Ambrosia 'Lick it Good' series! Good news... even more clips are coming this month from this facesitter extrordinaire! If you love a full Ass, big tits and a pretty face then you will love this. Imagine being smothered by Her awesome Ass... wow! Today, We have added new clips in the 'Worship Black Ass' and 'Cruel Amazon Rider' series, as well as another 20 pics in the 'Foot for Thought' Gallery!
* New Video Clips in the 'slave for Her pleasure' and 'Cruel Amazon Rider' series!
The final clip in the 'slave for Her pleasure' series has been added today... and what a finale. In this clip (all 22 clips are playing in the members area), having just finished inflicting punishment on Her slaves cock and balls and facesitting and smothering him, making him rim Her Asshole, Mistress Ariel now stands over the camera talking to just you (point-of-view). She plays with Her Ass, spreading Her cheeks and orders you to "Lick My Ass", telling you She knows how bad you want to. What a sweet close up of Her Hole... Yum! This series has won rave reviews, so see it NOW! Also, clip 12 in the 'Cruel Amazon Rider' series.
* Another 20 pics in the Lady Coco 'Ass Goddess' Gallery!
The slave has been subjected to teasing and discipline as Lady CoCo prepares him to lick Her Ass. Today, Gallery Four finds the slave on the floor (of course), sniffing Her nylon clad Feet, then sucking them as She rams a Foot down his mouth. Mistress wants the nylons off and the slave does it... with his teeth. What talented toes... Mistress pulls the slaves nipples with them. We are adding more photos and clips of the lascivious Lady CoCo most days (see clip update below) and you can see it all in our Members area right now!
* Three new 'Worship Beautiful Black Ass' video clips!
Let's face it, a super beautiful and bitchy Women that orders you around turns you on immensely, doesn't it? Of course it does, thus you are going to love this entire clip series featuring Lady CoCo. In today's update, She sits completely naked, side saddle on Her slaves face as he continues to lick Her Asshole. Dumb slave, he starts rubbing his cock making the Mistress slide off his face. She berates him and then makes use of the crop in Her hand to flog his ass. She torments him with Her Pussy, pulls his nipples, plants Her Feet in his face, until She decides he is again ready to suck Her Ass. Over 400 video clips now playing!
* Ass slave Gallery update and another Lady Nadia Video Clip!
Asian Goddess Keeani is auditioning slaves for the lofty position of 'ass slave'. Today, We present Gallery Four (20 pics). It's time for Keeani to see if this slave can endure long stretches without air, and also to see if he has exercised his tongue properly so he can work it well up the Superior's Asshole. Mistress Keeani demands proper servicing so this slave slug had better please Her... or else! Some have called Lady Nadia the most beautiful Women in the world. Imagine being able to do 'anything' for Her. In the continuation of the
Daily Ride series, She puts Her pony boy through the paces, right in the front room of the house, and as you will see takes great delight in using Her crop to make sure he performs to Her standards.
* Two Videos - Cruel Amazon Rider 11 and slave for Her pleasure 21!
We are getting near the end of the slave for Her pleasure series and you can see it all in Our members area now. A review... Mistress Ariel after some initial play gets naked, having covered Her slaves cock and balls in pretty colored clothes pins, not to mention other body parts. She is ruthless in ripping the clothes pins off and reapplying them, before getting into some heavy facesitting, smothering and Ass worship. She laughs at his discomfort (especially when She lays down on him and twists the clothes pins with Her body) and orders him to lick Her Ass and Pussy until She has multiple orgasms. This is a wicked series of clips.
* Two Videos - Worship Black Ass 8 and slave for Her pleasure 20!
We continue with new clip updates in two of Our hottest video series ever (that have won rave review's from members, by the way). In the
Black Ass series, Lady CoCo (completely naked) has just finished Ass smothering Her slave and now tells him to get on the floor of the bed. Mistress places his head into Her Pussy and then proceeds to cane his ass, the entire time making him tell Her how much he appreciates the honor of licking Her Ass. Mistress has him lay his head on the bed and is now ready for some facesitting and Ass worship. In slave for Her pleasure 20 you will see a close up of Mistress Ariel's Hot Ass, underneath She slams Her slaves face while he licks Her Ass and Pussy... Mistress is going to have an orgasm!
* Office Tool Gallery update and another Worship Beautiful Black Ass Video Clip!
Ever wonder how We stay so inspired to provide all the wonderful updates you find on Our site? Well check out the
Office Tool Gallery and you will begin to understand. Work is so much more pleasurable when you have a slave under Your Feet... or Your keyboard, for that matter. When you need a break, You just spread Your legs and have the slave lick You to orgasm. Now, isn't this the way every office should be run! Imagine how much you would look forward to work every day? Also, some more Hot Black Ass on video, action today.

Read a recent testimonial from site member Richard:
Mistress Kandy, i have to admit that i was one of those who spent years surfing the net looking for free stuff, but now that i finally joined Your site, i have to ask myself what i was doing all these years. For less than 50 cents a day, i go right to the members area and get a constant stream of new photos and video clips; never worry abou pop ups, or advertising, slow downloads, or any of the other crap that surfers deal with, it's awesome. I'm hooked and loving it!

* Lady CoCo Worship Beautiful Black Ass Video Clip!
Today, look for another Lady CoCo video clip. In Worship Black Ass part six Lady CoCo sits on the slaves face and spreads Her Ass cheeks wide so the slave can properly service Her Butt Hole. She then gets up and stands over him so he can look and lust at Her perfect body. She then sits on his chest giving him a birds eye view of Her sweet shaved Pussy. "How bad do you want it slave", She asks him. Naturally the slave begs for a taste. This a super hot series of clips, certainly a facesitters dream 'cum' true. See them all today!
* Uncle Ernie Gallery update (20 pics) and another Suck my hole bitch clip!
Mistress Anjole is lying on the bench enjoying orgasm after orgasm, in clip 20 of the
Suck my hole bitch series, as one slave licks Her Pussy and Asshole, the other Her moist Armpit. This is heaven for a Superior Female, to have multiple male slaves on their knees concerning themselves only with their Mistress's pleasure, their own pleasure of no concern to anyone, especially the Mistress. When She is satisfied She pushes them both away. See the entire series of clips, in this hot series, all in Our members area. Also, 20 more pics, in the Uncle Ernie gallery. Imagine being caught by your College age Niece as you sniff Her panties???
* Foot for Thought Gallery (20 pics) and another Lady Nadia Daily Ride clip!
The new Foot for Thought gallery (first 20 pics in new gallery) features the decadent Mistress Anjole (Elle). She teases Her slave with Her glistening bald Pussy, then orders him to remove Her boots, followed by some delectable Foot sucking and licking. First 20 pics today! Also, check out another segment (part 3) in the Nadia Daily Ride clip series. Heavenly Lady Nadia pounds Her heels into the slaves thighs as he rides Her around the room, then makes good use of Her strap, whipping his ass as he performs certain maneuvers for Her.
* Three new Video Clips today!
There are over 400 original and hot video clips now playing in the members area. Today, we have updates in three series including Cruel Amazon Rider (part 10), Lady Nadia's Daily Ride (part two), and Suck my hole bitch (part 19). In the 'Suck' clip, Mistress Elle has removed Her panties and ordered slave slimeball to lick Her Pussy as She wants an orgasm. To heighten Her pleasure She has slave pooch crawl over and tells him to lick Her Arm Pits. These slaves are all to happy to be given the highest honor of Mistress body worship!
* Ass slave Gallery update with Mistress Keeani and another clip!
Mistress Keeani loves to discipline and humiliate slaves, but particularly likes to use them to pleasure Her sexually. She has decided to audition slaves for the role of personal Ass slave... the best slave will earn the honor of having his nose up Her Ass everywhere She goes... gallery three (20 pics) has been added today! Plus, another clip (number 19) in the hot and kinky 'slave for Her pleasure' series! Mistress Ariel has just removed dozens of clothes pins from Her slaves cock and balls, and now, totally naked, rides his face while rubbing Her Tits and Pussy, until She reaches orgasm, then watch as this hungry slave eats Her Bum Hole!
* Black Ass Goddess Gallery (20 more pics)!
It's all about the Ass for Lady Coco... Her Ass, and having it serviced. We are currently rolling out tons of new pics and clips of the Divine Lady Coco, and if you have ever fantasized about literally being on call for Ass duty to a Divine Black Dominatrix then you are going to love what We have to offer. Sure any slave would love to be called to lick Ass, but Mistress CoCo makes sure the slave pays for the privilege! Flogging, CBT, nipple play, verbal abuse, Shoe and Foot worship, facesitting, smothering and Ass Worship... what more could you want?
* Mistress Fire and Lady CoCo Video Clips!
There are additions today in the Lady CoCo Worship Black Ass (part 5) video series, as well as the Mistress Fire Cruel Amazon Rider (part 9) video series. If you have ever dreamed of submitting to a beautiful black Goddess and imagined what She might put you through to earn the reward of worshipping Her Ass... sticking your tongue deep up Her Butt Hole, and licking it while She demands total satisfaction... then you will love the all new Worship Black Ass series of video clips. Lady CoCo is so kinky, dirty, and demanding... why, She is a slaves dream 'cum' true! See it all NOW!
* Mistress Fire and Mistress Elle in Open Air Part Five (20 Pics)!
Mistress Elle is out in the country shoulder riding Her slave, when She runs into Mistress Fire who also has a slave out for a ride. After using the slaves for Foot rests and benches, and also making out with each other, they decide to go for a nice long ride through the hills of the Island's countryside. The ride includes trekking up and down hills, and even a race between the two slaves!
* 'slave for Her Pleasure' - Part 18 and 'Lady Nadia's Daily Ride'... two new Clips!
The reviews on the slave for Her Pleasure video clip series have been phenomenal. Sweet and dirty little Mistress Ariel has been in fine forming inflicting tons of pain on Her worthless slaves nipples, balls and cock. In part 18 She has just removed all the clothespins that adorned the slave and now tells him that She wants Her Ass licked. The slave is all to eager to oblige as the Mistress removes Her top, now totally naked, and sits on the slaves face. See the entire series and all 400 clips currently playing, right NOW! We also start a new clip series today featuring beautiful Nadia called 'Lady Nadia's Daily Ride'. All four pony play action.
* 'Ass slave'... another 20 pics in this hot photo series, featuring kinky Mistress Keeani!
Mistress Keeani has decided to audition different slaves for the role of Her own personal Ass slave... only the best slave will earn the honor of having his nose up Her Ass everywhere She goes... second gallery today! Earning such an honor is never easy and Keeani does everything in Her power to tease, torment and humiliate the slave as he attempts to make an impression. Plus, another clip in the 'Worshipping beautiful Black Ass' series, also added today!
* 'Worshipping beautiful Black Ass'... first three Video Clips in an all new series!
There isn't a subbie on this planet, at least We can't image so, that wouldn't give up his left nut to have the honor of being facesat by the incredible Lady CoCo! Today, we feature the first three clips in the all new series called 'Worshipping beautiful Black Ass'. The scene starts with the Mistress naked, lying on the bed, Her slave eagerly sucking Her toes and licking Her Feet. She tells him he is a good boy, only to put him in his place seconds later. She likes to keep him guessing and working hard for the rewards that await him. She paddles his ass, makes him beg, slaps his cock, then has him on his back so She can sit on him, first his chest then his face. This is intense facesitting and smothering footage and you can see it all NOW!
* New Gallery (20 pics) in the 'Love My Ass' series, plus another clip!
Mistress Elle has a huge array of straps and paddles at Her side, along with a spiked ball roller, and after using them on Her slave, She demands that he give Her a proper orgasm. That means licking Her Pussy and Ass... and doing it exactly the way She likes it, or else. There are now 100 photos in this gallery alone, plus, We also have video clips (Suck my hole bitch) from the same scene. Remember, We never delete any content at Dominatrix Island... We just keep getting bigger and bigger, so join today! Plus, look for another clip in the 'Cruel Amazon Rider' series. Six foot Goddess Fire rides Her pony boy into the ground!
* 'Ass slave'... all new Gallery featuring Mistress Keeani and a Video Clip!
Keeani is living proof that if you take a young Women, one that has never even had a thought of Domination or submission, and introduce Her to the FemDom lifestyle, you can create a true lifestyle Mistress in short order. Like all Our Ladies Mistress Keeani loves to discipline and humiliate slaves, but particularly likes to use them to pleasure Her sexually. Mistress Keeani has decided to audition different slaves for the role of Her own personal Ass slave... only the best slave will earn the honor of having his nose up Her Ass everywhere She goes... first 20 pics today! Plus, another clip in the 'Suck My hole bitch' series!
* Two new Video Clips in the 'slave for Her pleasure' series!
This has to be one of the hottest series of video clips on the Internet ever! The dirty Mistress, Mistress Ariel, has tortured Her slaves cock and balls with dozens of clothes pins, pulling, twisting, and slapping, and now is sitting on his chest, forcing him to lick, kiss and suck Her Asshole, the entire time laughing at his prediciment. Eventually She rolls off and starts to remove the clothes pins, in a rough manner, then starts to slap his cock again. A total of 17 clips in this series now on site, not to mention over 400 other clips, as well, all of some of the kinkiest FemDom content found anywhere.
* Black Ass Goddess Gallery pics and two Clips!
Another 20 new pics in the Black Ass Goddess Gallery have been added today. Kinky Lady CoCo loves to torment, tease, and discipline Her slaves, while offering Her Ass as the ultimate reward. Imagine having this black Goddess sitting on your face, demanding you rim Her hole properly. These are candid pics, the Mistress in all sorts of positions, as the galleries grow over the next few weeks, insuring you get a close up view of Her Ass and Asshole, and see slaves servicing it as It should be. Also today, two new clips in the 'Cruel Amazon Rider' series.
* All new Gallery featuring Lady Coco!
The newest Women to call Dominatrix Island home is Lady Coco! Gawd, She is soooo Hot and even nastier! We have tons of pics and video clips of Lady Coco in action, starting today. Watch Her discipline slaves (CBT, nipple pulling, paddling) facesit and smother them, and demand that Her Asshole be licked, kissed and tongued deeply. Lucky is the slave that finds himself kneeling at the Feet of beautiful Lady Coco... She is waiting for you right NOW!
* Four New Video Clips!
Every Ass licking-loving slave has waited a life time for this kind of decadent Mistress-slave action now playing in Our members area. Our Ladies love to smother slaves with Their Hot Asses and demand that their tongues service Their bumholes properly... or else! Today, look for updates in the Suck my hole bitch series (clips 15 and 16) and the slave for her pleasure series (clip 15), as well as another segment in the cruel pony play series! "Fuck My hole, you bitch", Mistress Elle demands while facesitting Her slave, grinding Her Ass in his face, and rubbing his stupid stick... the action is intense, and only on Dominatrix Island.
* Three New Video Clips and a 20 Pic Gallery!
The action continues with updates in two different video series (Suck my hole bitch and slave for her pleasure)! Watch two of Our beautiful Mistresses, Elle and Ariel, as they continue to receive Ass worship from Their all to eager slaves. Such treats come with a price, and that means a lot of CBT, nipple torture, full weight facesitting and smothering. Also today, Gallery Four in the Love My Ass series! Mistress Elle shows how much She enjoys facesitting, and torturing Her slave, and ummm, ummm, that tongue does feel good up Her Ass!
* Four New Video Clips and a 20 Pic Gallery!
Some of Our hottest clips ever, continue to roll out for your viewing pleasure! We continue with new segments in the cruel pony play series, featuring Amazon Goddess Mistress Fire, Mistress Elle in the Suck my hole bitch series (two new clips) and Mistress Ariel in the slave for her pleasure series. Also, a cruel trampling 20 photo gallery, with Goddess Nadia, called Pain and Glory. This slave takes the pain, including stiletto face trampling, for the glory of being below Her! His tread worn face will excite trampling fans in particular.
* Three New Video Clips and a 14 Pic Gallery!
Three different clips series, updated today, including Mistress Psycho rides Uncle Ernie Part 15, Mistress Elle in Suck my hole bitch 11, and Mistress Ariel in slave for her pleasure 11! Also, a new gallery, with 14 pics, entitled Cheer Up... Goddess Nadia puts on Her cheerleaders outfit and gets wet as slimeball gives Her a long shoulder ride! Meanwhile, full details of the three clip series mentioned above, can be found in updates just below! Humiliation, facesitting, smothering, Ass licking, CBT, and much more can be found in today's update pics and clips! Join the webs premier FemDom site NOW!
* Four New Video Clips and a 20 Pic Gallery!
A delicious smorgasbord of Video today! We have cruel pony play - part 3 - with Amazon Goddess Mistress Fire, in the country, just Her and Her pony boy... and Her spurs! She works him to exhaustion. Also, Mistress Elle in Suck my hole bitch parts 9 and 10, and Mistress Ariel in slave for her pleasure part 10! slave eats Her Ass while she takes dozens of clothes pins to his cock and balls, then She starts slapping them, pulling his cock, plus a lot of nasty talk that is all so common on the Island! Also, Service Me gallery update!
* Three New Video Clips and a 20 Pic Gallery!
Three different clips series, updated today, including Mistress Psycho rides Uncle Ernie Part 14, Mistress Elle in Suck my hole bitch 8, and Mistress Ariel in slave for her pleasure 9! Also, another 20 Pics in a new gallery entitled Color My World... Reds and Pinks that is! Hot Red PVC and sweet Pink Goddess Pussy! Meanwhile, in the slave for Her pleasure video series, things are getting very intense as Mistress Ariel is sqeualing with delight at the discomfort and pain She is inflicting on Her smothered slaves cock... entense CBT! Why not blow 80 cents a day and see all 400 of Our original video clips and thousands of photos?
* Four New Video Clips and a 20 Pic Gallery!
Wonder what happens when We update Our site? Mistress Elle is doing some site work and the camera was snapping as We start a new gallery entitled Office Tool! Those slaves come in handy as Foot mats, entertainment (a boot to the balls), or maybe the Mistress just wants Her Pussy licked while She adds new pics and clips? See it all for yourself in Our Members Area! That's not all though, more kinky Ass licking, smothering, facesitting, CBT, pony play and more as four new clips are also added today!
* Three New Video Clips and a 20 Pic Gallery!
Three different clips series, updated today, including Mistress Psycho rides Uncle Ernie Part 13, Mistress Elle in Suck my hole bitch 6, and Mistress Ariel in slave for her pleasure 6! Also, another 20 Pics in the Love My Ass Gallery! Mistress Elle carries a big stick, er, paddle and low and behold if the discipline doesn't get Her slave rock hard... again. She paddles him good before sitting on his face for some deep Ass worship from his tongue... then proceeds to rub his cock and then take prongs to that and his nipples, as well!
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